Strategic Curriculum Plan

We are committed to developing individualized and appropriate learning plans for each student, to use curriculum and methodology that have been shown to be highly effective for students with learning disabilities, and to provide ongoing professional development to ensure that our faculty and staff are the most highly qualified in the field of learning disabilities.

An Individualized Learning Plan is a living document that changes as each student evolves as a learner.

Hyde Park Day School is committed to using curriculum and methodology that have been shown to promote academic growth for students with learning disabilities. JUMP Math is the core of our mathematics program. Strategies from the Step Up to Writing program support written language activities. The Wilson Reading System® is the foundation of our multi-sensory, structured reading program. In addition, students receive weekly classroom lessons in Visualizing/Verbalizing from a Speech and Language Pathologist; classroom lessons based on the Zones of Regulation are taught by an Occupational Therapist.

In addition to the in depth information gathered as part of the admissions process, each student at Hyde Park Day School is given assessments to identify his or her learning strengths and challenges. This information is used to create an Individualized Learning Plan which guides instruction throughout the year.

Success Attributes

Our social workers lead a weekly multi-sensory classroom lessons using a HPDS-created curriculum based on the “Success Attributes” – a research-based program focusing on six critical attributes related to success:





Emotional Coping Strategies

Effective Use of Support Systems

Success attributes are integrated throughout the program.

These are integrated throughout the program by all teachers. Social work classes support students in maximizing their potential for successful learning, social interactions, and personal achievement.

Students work toward developing an accurate awareness and acceptance of individual skills and abilities as well as learning differences and challenges, learn to capitalize on skills and talents, identify and utilize the strategies, and identify support systems that allow them to compensate for learning challenges, and internalize personal qualities that support successful achievement of academic, personal, and professional goals. The goal of the program is for students to transition from HPDS as successful self-advocates who are equipped to reach their maximum potential.

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