Multisensory Math Professional Learning

Hyde Park Day School, which specializes in the education of bright children with learning disabilities, has developed a research-based, innovative and effective curriculum for students with a range of learning disabilities.  In order to share our expertise with the larger LD community, we have created the Joanne Steinback Educator Training Institute.  The Institute is a training center for Learning Disabilities educators and allied professionals, offering professional education in a variety of curricular areas, including Marilyn Zecher’s Multisensory Math Approach™.

Marilyn Zecher's Multisensory Math Approach™ Workshops

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Dates: June 10-12, 2024
Time:  8:00-2:30 CST
Location: HPDS Chicago Campus
6254 S. Ellis Ave., Chicago, IL 60637
Cost: $650 includes all materials, manipulatives, handouts, and daily lunch

This workshop is an intensive 3-Day overview workshop of the general research, rationale, and principles of Marilyn Zecher’s Multisensory Math Approach™.  It is a substantial introduction to the approach and approximately 18 hours of the 30-hour graduate-level course, which has been offered online and at universities. It builds on the multisensory tradition and uses Orton-Gillingham instructional strategies, which are supported by evidence from the What Works Clearinghouse, recommendations from the NCTM, neuroscience, and best practices in Mathematics Education.  It includes evidence-based strategies we use to meet the needs of all students, not just those with special needs. It is designed for use in inclusion classrooms, small group instruction, one-on-one tutoring, or in homeschool classrooms. Its focus is on the core foundational concepts, the Big Ideas in math, providing a firm foundation, or providing intervention to help students catch up to keep up.

This workshop/course is unique in that it includes additional content not normally included in shorter workshops.  It includes a segment on helping students with word problems, a segment on the multisensory lesson plan, and strategies for intervention.

The approach is based on the neuroscience of math learning, the best recommendations from major research institutions, and the principles of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Participants will:

  • Model math concepts with the  CRA (Concrete, Representational, Abstract) Instructional Sequence.

  • Create and use manipulatives to apply in their teaching using traditional multisensory strategies.

  • Learn and utilize intentional explicit language processes in math.

  • Learn about the processing areas of different levels of math and how they align with language disabilities.

  • Develop lesson plans that can reach every learning need in one classroom.

  • Differentiate instruction for various levels of student needs within one lesson.

  • Explore inexpensive, time-saving, creative ways to teach the how and why of math using multisensory methods.

 For questions regarding the workshop, please email Sarah Imboden or Marisa Churchill at For questions regarding payment, including registering multiple participants, please email Tara Montgomery at [email protected].

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