A Research-Based Approach

Research and expertise supports all aspects of our mission to prepare students with learning disabilities for success in the classroom and in life.

The latest research drives our educational approach.

We collect information on our own programs, and seek out reliable research performed by leaders in the field of learning disabilities. We integrate critical analysis with our teaching because we seek continuous improvement in every area: our curriculum, the academic and social supports we provide, the assessments we perform, the professional development we offer our staff, and the transition planning we engage in with students and parents.

HPDS’s program incorporates research-based approaches for skilled development in academic, executive function, and social and emotional domains. Our collaborative program draws heavily on the expertise of both highly qualified teachers as well and several clinical domains including Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, and Social Work.


We actively evaluate the different elements of our curriculum to ensure our students are learning what they need to know to succeed. Our teachers, instructional coaches, and research director work together to measure the effectiveness of our academic programs, including our reading strategies, our methods for teaching writing, and the Success Attributes curriculum which helps students understand and manage their own strengths. We continually access our understanding of best practices in teaching, and seek to implement them at all levels and areas of our curriculum.


We believe in providing our staff with a comprehensive professional development program which enables them to build upon their knowledge and talents. Our research-driven professional development focuses on helping our teachers integrate their own classroom practices with the best research on teaching strategies for students with learning disabilities. We explore the science behind the detection and diagnosis of learning disabilities and keep abreast of new developments.


Our research program has contributed to important changes in our curriculum. For example, for the last ten years we have conducted follow-up research with families whose students have transitioned from HPDS, and as a result have significantly altered the amount and kind of transition services we offer. Even more broadly, our research program is expanding to emphasize collaboration with others in the field of learning disabilities, in order to facilitate educational innovation at HPDS, in our region, and in the field overall.

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