The Joanne Steinback
Educator Training Institute

Hyde Park Day School, which specializes in the education of bright children with learning disabilities, has developed a research-based, innovative and effective curriculum for students with a range of learning disabilities.  In order to share our expertise with the larger LD community, we have created the Joanne Steinback Educator Training Institute.  The Institute is a training center for Learning Disabilities educators and allied professionals, offering professional education in a variety of curricular areas.

The Institute offers the same breadth of programming that HPDS has offered, but on a more robust schedule due to the addition of a full-time trainer. Training in a variety of programmatic areas will be offered, including:

Tara Montgomery, Wilson® Certified Trainer and 10-year HPDS employee, serves as the full time Director for the Institute. After a number of years serving as a classroom teacher, Ms. Montgomery became an Instructional Coach and completed the rigorous process to become a Wilson® Certified Trainer.

Joanne Steinback is a long-time board member and was HPDS’ first teacher, upon the opening of their original campus in Hyde Park in 2000. Joanne is a certified special education teacher who taught for 25 years.  She has devoted significant time and energy towards ensuring that all children with special needs receive the high-quality education and support that they deserve.

Kristin Graham is a Wilson® Certified Trainer for the Joann Steinback Educator Training Institute. She holds a Master’s degree in Reading from St. Xavier University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Illinois State University.

To contact the Institute and discuss your particular training needs, please contact Tara Montgomery at [email protected].  We’re happy to talk about a customized program to meet your needs.
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