Planned Gifts

With a bit of planning, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our students for years to come. Planned gift options such as bequests, charitable gift annuities, or charitable trusts have special advantages and at the same time; you can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that your gift will provide vital future support for students, faculty, facilities, or programs.

Meet Our Donors

Kane (2)

Jim and Joanne Steinback are long-time board members and have been integrally involved in HPDS since its inception.  Jim is the former Chairman of the FEDC Board, and Joanne worked as a teacher for one year at Hyde Park Day School for the salary of one dollar.  Jim’s mother, Esther (Steinback) Kane, set up the Esther and Arthur Kane Scholarship Fund through her will. (Esther and Arthur are pictured, left.) With her passing, seven months after Arthur, the scholarship fund will now be available to assist students applying for financial aid.  Jim shared this reflection with us:

Over the years my mother and her husband had developed a nice relationship with Pam Adelman and subsequently with Casey Crnich.  Plus, my mother loved my wife, Joanne and had always looked upon her as her daughter. As a result they wanted to honor her commitment to learning disabilities education generally and to Hyde Park Day School specifically. Joanne and Brooke Whitted (former Chairman of the LSSC) had together visited and researched other LD Schools around the country before launching HPDS, and Joanne then volunteered to be HPDS’s first LD-certified teacher when the school opened its doors in 2000. Their planned gift was in recognition of that history and those feelings.

Interview with Dr. Pam Adelman

How and when did you first come to Hyde Park Day School?

Almost twenty years ago, September 1, 1999, I was hired by the Leslie Shankman School Corporation to be their founding Executive Director. My charge was to open the school no later than January 2000, which we did with five students. Our faculty consisted of one full-time teacher and a very dedicated Board member, Joanne Steinback, who was a special education teacher and volunteered her time. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Joanne, along with her husband Jim Steinback, President of the Foundation, and Brooke Whitted, who was President of the Board of Directors, for their help and support during my tenure at HPDS.

What is your relationship with the school now?

I am retired but love to help whenever I can, particularly in the areas of Research and Development. Finding out how our students are doing is so interesting and gratifying, and sometimes these conversations lead to making connections for them that may be helpful with educational, work-related, and/or personal plans.

What is the biggest change you’ve seen in the school over the years?

I think the biggest change is change in every aspect of the organization. At HPDS, there is a culture of evaluation, reflection, and respecting the ideas of members of our community. Under Dr. Casey Crnich’s leadership, all areas of the school have grown and improved, including the curriculum, facilities, professional development, and our enrollment. From five students, we’ve grown to serving over 130 students at three different locations in the Chicago Metropolitan area.

What is the biggest impact you believe that the school has on its students?

A consistent theme from input we’ve received from our students, parents, and faculty is that the major impact on our students has been gaining an understanding of their learning disabilities, learning educational strategies that helped them be successful, and acquiring self-confidence that has positively affected all aspects of their lives.

Why did you choose to leave a planned gift to the school?  

Next year, we will celebrate our 20th birthday, and there are plans to bring together the entire community involved in the growth of Hyde Park Day School. We know that we have changed the lives of our students and their families. My husband and I are making a planned gift to help ensure the future of this school so it can continue its important work and contributions. We encourage others to do the same!


Planned Gift Options


A planned gift can be outlined in your will or trust or added to your existing will or trust. It can direct a specific amount, a certain property, or all or a percentage of what remains. A bequest can be expressed in the following language: “I give, bequeath and devise to Hyde Park Day School of Chicago, Illinois, a not-for-profit organization legally incorporated as the Leslie Shankman School Corporation, the sum of $ (or % of my estate or the following described property or the residue of my estate) for its exempt purposes.”

Life Insurance

One giving option is to name the Hyde Park Day School as the primary beneficiary. (Naming us as beneficiary while you retain ownership of the policy, however, does not qualify you for an income tax deduction.) Or, you can name us as the beneficiary and also assign us ownership of the policy as a current charitable gift. This qualifies you for an income tax deduction based on the value of the policy.

Securities or Appreciated Stock

You can always transfer stock to the school as a gift. If you own securities that have a long term gain, you may be able to take their full fair market value as a charitable deduction on your income taxes. For instructions on how to transfer securities, please contact Abby Simon, CFO at 773.420.2883 or [email protected].

Other Vehicles

The IRA Charitable Rollover is a legal provision that allows donors age 70 ½ to make a gift directly from their traditional IRA to a qualified charity. Gifts may count towards their Required Minimum DIstribution without being subject to income tax on the distribution. Talk to your plan administrator for directions and click here for more information.

Make a Planned Gift Today

The incredible generosity of our supporters makes reaching our visionary goals possible. Click here to access the Strategic Growth Fund donation form. To discuss planned gift options, please contact:

Maureen McCarthy, Director of Development:
847.446.6095 or [email protected] 

When considering charitable giving you should talk with your tax, legal or financial advisor. Hyde Park Day School does not provide legal, tax, or other professional advisory services.

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Make a Gift Today

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