Our Mission is as Unique
as Each of Our Students

At Hyde Park Day School (HPDS), our sole purpose is to help bright first through eighth grade students with learning disabilities reach their full potential. We believe students who receive the appropriate intervention can develop the skills necessary to keep pace in traditional classrooms. We achieve this by teaching our students how to leverage their significant strengths in areas that are difficult, and how to self-advocate for the tools that they need to be successful.

We transform our students from self-doubters to self-champions.

Our students regain self-confidence and courage, and no longer feel like they are the only ones in the classroom that “don’t get it”. This transformation opens new doors of possibility for students who have been stuck, frustrated, and discouraged; it is nothing short of amazing.

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Our approach is what sets us apart.
It’s what makes our students successful.

Individualized Program

Our students are not expected to adapt to standard instruction. Instead, we employ talented staff, state-of-the-art technology, and integrated services to develop deeply individualized academic programs.

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We constantly reference current industry-leading research and studies for ongoing guidance on curriculum and general life skill development, and our nimbleness allows us to make updates quickly.

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Success Attributes

We evaluate each student’s self-awareness, pro-activity, perseverance, goal setting, use of support systems, and emotional coping strategies on an on-going basis to determine readiness for transition.

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Positive Culture

We create a safe, nurturing environment that’s designed to foster self-esteem, confidence, and a genuine interest in learning for each student.

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Leadership Opportunity

NCLD has created an opportunity for young leaders that live with learning and attention issues to learn from each other and obtain skills to advocate for the LD community. Here is more information on the opportunity: The Young Adult Leadership Council is a 2-year leadership fellowship that harnesses the power and voices of young advocates (ages 18-26) with the shared goal to improve the lives of the 1 in 5 people with learning and attention issues. Click here to learn more and apply!

Thanks for a Successful Gala!

Thank you to all the HPDS parents, alumni families, Board members, staff and friends who supported our 20th Anniversary Annual Gala this past weekend. Thanks to your combined efforts the event brought in over $200,000 for the Bright Futures Scholarship Fund. Another thanks to Sheridan Road Magazine for featuring HPDS by covering the celebration of our 20th anniversary, check the article out here.

Half My DAF Challenge

Did you know there is $120 billion sitting in Donor Advised Funds across the country right now?  One philanthropic couple wants that money to go to work to support non-profits — like Hyde Park Day School — doing important work during this challenging time.  Read more about the #HalfMyDAF challenge here.

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We cannot thank you enough for the immediate and powerful impact your generous gifts make to our school. Online donations are handled securely through a third-party credit card processor. Donate through Paypal today.

Summer School Update

Summer school will be running virtually from June 22 to July 31st.

COVID-19 Update

HPDS is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation.  We are currently closed and will remain so until it is deemed safe to re-open.  We would like to send a shout out to our teachers and staff for ramping up our distance learning program on short notice and continuing to provide quality instruction to our students during this time. Together, as a community, we will get through this challenging time. Until then, please stay safe and healthy at home.

School will remain physically closed until further notice.